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Born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico, Felix Ortiz started his passion for cooking at the age of 13. During this time he apprenticed as a baker at his local bakery. He came to the realization that cooking and creating was indeed his passion. He and his family sought increased opportunity and relocated to Central Florida where Felix would then attend culinary school. Soon after graduating, Felix worked at several prestigious chains and eventually was offered the opportunity to manage Kissimmee’s Three Sisters Speakeasy. He worked long hours and provided a comfortable lifestyle for his wife and 3 children. His tenacity and dedication paid off as he was offered to become the general manager and owner of this establishment. Felix is the voice for the merchants and the residents of our city. He has worked and organized events benefiting our community such as the Thanksgiving meal for the homeless, Back the Blue events, and several other staple events in our city.

This dedication and vision is the same attribute that he will bring to the City of Kissimmee Commission. #Ortiz4Kissimmee

Vision & Plan

  • Productive Growth

    Empower Residents

    Traffic Flow

Top Priorities

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Work towards incentivizing locally based small town development, rather than costly projects while improving our local market and properties. Give way to competitive and diverse businesses and industries in our marketplace.
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Create a point of contact between our residents and local non-profits that can best assist them. Collaborating with other levels of government to establish a singular informational center to reduce redundancy and provide efficient help to our residents. Empower the under-housed residents by a revenue-neutral down payment loan program.
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Work towards creating a road system that reduces stop and go traffic, using synchronized lights and other traffic assistant methods. Assure a more evenly distribution of traffic across the grid to prevent bottlenecking.

I am taking a stand for my community. I want to see Kissimmee grow where it needs it most. I know I can help do that.

“Felix Ortiz”

Important Dates

  • 24

    Primary Election

  • Early Voting



  • 6

    General Election

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